The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) does neither and is the linchpin of the industrial prison complex. Sure, there is a need to incarcerate criminals who offend the safety and security of all Californians. But, as I will present here, there is a fundamental debate between corrections and rehabilitation as the means to achieve the goal of a safe and secure California. Thus the CDCR is oxymoronic.

Their mission is a disguise to suck big money out of The People in order to mollify society's fears of a descent into anarchy. But decades after its inception, and after billions of dollars being spent, California is no safer. In fact, it could be argued that crime is worse than ever. (Just ask Oakland). So is mass incarceration really the solution, or the problem?

In the coming days and weeks and months ahead I will continue with my “in the CDCR” series to include such topics as “Pleadings in the CDCR”, “Corrections in the CDCR”, “Law and Order in the CDCR”, and “Justice and Mercy in the CDCR” among others. I am sure you will want to check back for new content regularly if you know anyone in CDCR custody since I have a lot to say on the subject.

I am not anti-law enforcement, I am anti the lazy one size fits all approach that the CDCR takes in its attempt to fulfill its mandate to properly administer, classify, and discipline its prisoners to create a safer California. My position is that they also need to rehabilitate as well. Your comments are welcome.