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The Ordeal

A True Crime Story

Hello. I am Michael Jay Harris from the eastern Sierra region of the High Sierra in California. The home of Mammoth Mountain and the Owens Valley. This is arguably the most beautiful place in the world. Or hyperbole aside, the most beautiful place in California, well aside from Yosemite maybe. Anyway, California is a beautiful place to be sure, and the eastside is truly special.

Here on you will find my story about skiing and climbing mountains, false accusations of child molestation, as well as a fair dose of my opinions on crime and punishment. My book, “The Ordeal”, is a story that is a free download away, and which tells the story about how anybody is vulnerable to attack by the oppressive criminal justice system. My upcoming book, “Resolve — Surviving the CDCR”, is a compendium of things everyone needs to know about crime and punishment in order to be a more educated citizen of California. Hopefully a more involved citizen as well.

Please select form my list of links on this page to delve deep into my world, the world of from the High Sierra of California.

Rehabilitation in the CDCR

An Essay

Web exclusive — read this "slice of life" essay about prison life by the author.

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About Michael Jay Harris

From Mammoth Mountain, CA

Everyone knows me as "Hairy." I lived and skied Mammoth Mountain for 30 years before I was falsely accused of child molestation.

My mantra is "It is not the power of the pen, it is the power of pondering."